Service isn’t just part of our name, it’s our business


IMMEDIATE DELIVERIES: Western Messenger is ready for your delivery 24 hours, 7 days a week even on holidays. We have several levels of service that will allow you to choose the courier service you require.

31 YEARS OF SERVICE: Western Messenger has been providing 24hr Immediate Delivery Service in the Greater Bay Area since 1979. From an urgent envelope to a critical truck shipment our combined crew of messengers with bobtail trucks, pickupsvans, cars, and bikes for all your courier needs. We find no job a challenge.

SERVING SAN FRANCISCO AND THE GREATER BAY AREA! Whether it is several times a day, on a weekly basis, or one time for that critical, we are at your service. 
With our network of agents, we can handle services nationwide. 

EXPERIENCED MESSENGERS: We know the quickest routes for your deadlines. Communication with our staff is instantaneous, whether they are in one of our bobtail trucks or riding the streets of San Francisco on a bicycle.

CALL US WITH YOUR ORDER OR PLACE IT ONLINE: We will quickly take your order by phone or you can place it at your convenience online. Our Customer Service Department works closely with our Dispatchers and Messengers to get the job done on time and correctly. 

  • EMAIL CONFIRMATIONS: When your job is completed if requested you can receive an email confirmation with the name of the person who signed for your delivery and at what time.  
  • ROUTE COURIER SERVICES: We perform route and contract work for your convenience and will complete your daily, weekly, or monthly Schedules automatically.
  • WESTERN ATTORNEY SERVICES: This powerhouse division has legal staff of  Registered Process Servers and legal  messengers  for specialized services such as Service of Process, Court Research, Court Filings and Fax Filings. As a member of N.A.P.P.S, we can efficiently do your legal services nation wide. Email your PDF documents to info@WesternAttorneyService.com or call 800-696-3558. for more information visit westernattorneyservices.com
  • CUSTOMIZED INVOICES: Our system allows us to customize your invoice to your specifications, allowing you to easily bill your clients. Choose to have your invoice either mailed or emailed to you. For your convenience we accept American Express, Visa, and Master Card
SERVICE PHILOSOPHY: Providing the most efficient courier services and extending the cost savings to our clients, is Western’s daily objective. You will see our desire for excellence reflected in the service you receive and in our staff. 
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